Wednesday, August 3, 2011

I am from

I am from a country of races and tribes
I am from a city of crowd and traffic
I am from a home of love and respect
I am from a religious and multi-ethnic family
I am from a place where mosque and church located side by side

I am from the clock ringing every one hour
I am from the books of languages and computers
I am from the smell of cigarette and coffee
I am from the diary of stories and memories I am from the pictures of dream and real life

I am from the raindrops that fall from the grey sky
I am from the sunshine that lightens the days
I am from the flowers blooming after cold season
I am from the long river surrounded by mountains and trees
I am from the empty road where dogs bark and cats mew

I am from friends who show me how to smile and cry
I am from teachers who teach me invaluable knowledge and wish me succeed
I am from children who fly the kites every evening trying to reach the sky
I am from strangers who listen to iPods, play guitars, read books, smoke cigarettes, talk on the phone, or stand right beside me silently
I am from homeless people who rely their lives on begging money and taking junk food from the trash cans of any restaurant so they can survive

I am from the songs of the broken heart
I am from the tears of loss and pain
I am from the disappointment of unreachable dreams
I am from the strengh of belief that life is a matter of choice, where I can choose either to fall down and remain silent or start crawling and get up

I am from places where I am supposed to be
I am from what I see, I listen, I smell, I taste, I feel, and I think

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